Exhibitions & Festivals

2017 - Alchemic Body

Bogotá, Colombia



2017 - Emboss Magazine

The creative movement Kaamos consists of Tiina Ravelin (b. 1987) and Cornelia Landström Pohl (b. 1978), currently residing and working in Gällivare, Swedish Lapland.

Our work is characterized by an experimental merger of still and moving images where the written and spoken word concurrently form a unison platform for our collaboration.

The intimate presence of nature is the grounding base of our work. Together with the transformative body, we work with vibrational energy to create a state of lucid dreaming across dimensions. Through the blending of photography, film and voice, we explore areas of alchemy of the self, the symbiosis of human and nature, as well as fusion and dissection of light and darkness - internally and externally.

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